I stand watching them trying to climb the walls I’ve built

Dangling one foot over the edge,

While they beg me not to jump

And I laugh at their naivety.

Will you take me softly

Or rip me competely apart?

Would you be slightly interested

In this war torn heart?

Then one comes along and shrugs at my defenses

Walking right through the traps and barricades

Then right up to me he comes and begins talking

As if I had known him my entire life.

Now I need a taste

Though I’m too afraid to ask.

Where do we go from here?

Now I can’t find my mask.

Don’t wonder how he got here

I keep trying to look around to see how in the hell to get him out

Which way did he come? How did he not die?

What in the world was keeping him from giving up?

Hadn’t prepared for an intruder

Does he want to stay?

Will anything I say or do

Get him to go away?

He acts like he knows this place

But I built this shit myself.

He hadn’t been here before

Yet somehow this is all too familiar.

I shrug my shoulders, nod my head

I guess I’ll just try it.

May know in my heart I love him

But my head will forever be defiant.

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