Innocence Lost

Had a shot at darkness once
But I hit it in the eye. 
Birds swarm around the dead
Then they told me I could fly.
A rose bush grows in a meadow
Unkept and unclean.
Water rushes down it's leaves
Keeping them nice and green.
Showers wash the pain away
But never removes the scar.
Not matter how how much soap you use
You'll never be a star. 
A burning house stands in defiance
Of all the secrets it hides.
You make the past and burn it up
But you'll always hear the cries.
A little girl stands in the midst
Of fog and dangers sense.
She knows not what to do right now
So she sits upon a fence.
Hungry is the timid beast
Begging to be fed.
They give her the burning house
But never offer her a bed.
She cries for a lifetime
Never finding what she needs
Every time the wound is touched
She just stands there and bleeds.

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