Your Eyes

Your eyes melt the walls around my heart marble blue drips purr deep within my soul, carefully undressing my mind, leaving you etched for eternity on my breast I am lost in pools of you willingly drenched inside your fire, see how I dance with light, no more the blind, I live your eyes You... Continue Reading →

Darkness & The Cow

Glowing deep within the earth,.. Many souls laid to rest.. Though tired of the struggle within They are suddenly put to a test. Thanatos restored peaceful death Amongst Zeus’ heady people.. Hades liked the body count Within his darkened steeple. This is what happens to one When Nyx and Erebus unite.. Night and darkness make... Continue Reading →

Please Don’t Forget Me

I am not the woman that hurt you I am not she. I would never have done that. Please don’t forget me. When all feelings have faded May I make a subtle plea? When you sit and think of yesterday, Please don’t forget me. When bodies cast shadows In places we flee.. My only request... Continue Reading →

You Poor, Poor Man

Do you need another knife? Or is that one sharp enough? Don’t want to do too much damage Or is this just a bluff? Do you have any honor at all? Or do you tend to sway a bit? Is there anyone you wouldn’t hurt When you’re having your little fit? Chasing demons is awfully... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Mistake

Made into a human By the clumsy hands of fate. Cast out, like a demon By the searing vows of hate. Never one to take a gamble She always rolls the dice. Some say she is terribly mean While others claim she is nice. Spurned by a angry crutch She stands to takes the pain.... Continue Reading →


I hope when you hear my name in the future, it brings back all of the memories of an interesting past full of your deception and my naivety. Shadows ripped across a field Where battles were fought in anger. Always on the side of righteousness Never realizing you were the danger. Friends going into battle... Continue Reading →

The Stairs

Long ago I had a dream.. A stranger came to me. Fog surrounded his heart.. Made it hard to see.. I followed him to some stairs Where he told me I would be fine. When I began to go down them he left His heart was no longer mine. When I got to the bottom... Continue Reading →


Just before the thought escaped me Much past the point I could turn down the dial Hardly pressing against my lips I winced While almost starting to smile. We met upon a waterfall Two girls just having fun Once I stepped across the line All you could think of was to run. Voices started becoming... Continue Reading →

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