The Stairs

Long ago I had a dream..

A stranger came to me.

Fog surrounded his heart..

Made it hard to see..

I followed him to some stairs

Where he told me I would be fine.

When I began to go down them he left

His heart was no longer mine.

When I got to the bottom

All the way down..

Water surrounded everywhere

Enough for a lady to drown..

I stood there a moment

Contemplating life..

All it’s hazards, wonders..

And strife..

I could not decide

And began to cry..

So I asked my heart..

Do you want to live or die?

He came halfway down the stairs

And told me to stop thinking..

The water was meant for me

And no, not for drinking..

I turned around and looked at him

Said “I am not going to die today”

My heart may be done with love

But this will not go your way..

I climbed back up the stairs

Past the heathen of a man..

Smelled the stench of bitterness

That was there before we began.

*Written 6.19.12*

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