I hope when you hear my name in the future, it brings back all of the memories of an interesting past full of your deception and my naivety.

Shadows ripped across a field 
Where battles were fought in anger. 
Always on the side of righteousness
Never realizing you were the danger. 
Friends going into battle
Yet nobody loses their lives at all.
We had that whiny bitch cry out
She would be my downfall. 
Friended one that took to envy
Crushed it like a peasant.
Lucky she never took the moon;
For she would be a crescent. 
Lives took up too much space
They wandered around like fools
Now lies drip from their lusty mouths
Deception is their tools. 
Sins they take from those unsuspecting
Ripping apart lives and honor.
"What if we found a dagger in one?"
"We'll blame it on one another."
Fourteen lies came from mouths
This last one took a while.
Since they couldn't make a woman a whore,
They made her a pedophile.
Now two sit on a throne of hate
Wondering why nobody is around.
Why can't they find more fools?
And where in the hell is their clown?
The men are a whole other beast you see,
For they just put me on the other side
When I was really fighting for peace
The one decided to cry. 
A brothers lie of a tale he wove
To keep his family in the cave
Left me making a hasty exit
With no goodbye, no wave.
Now I sit and think of it all
Wonder where it all went wrong?
Had I been loyal to the wrong side
Was I mistaken all along?

Sat back one night to contemplate
Then I found this thought quite funny
While they lost a great person in life
I only lost a bit of money. 

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