You Poor, Poor Man

Do you need another knife?

Or is that one sharp enough?

Don’t want to do too much damage

Or is this just a bluff?

Do you have any honor at all?

Or do you tend to sway a bit?

Is there anyone you wouldn’t hurt

When you’re having your little fit?

Chasing demons is awfully hard work

Do you need a glass of water?

Lay your sword here on the table

And let’s talk about your squatter..

How terrible it must be to be you..

With all you have to deal..

I bet there isn’t a lady anywhere

That could face your ordeal..

Let’s put a rag on your poor aching head

Place your feet up on the table..

Make yourself more comfortable

While we discuss your latest fable.

You tell me that she hurt your pride!

How dare she walk away!

The nerve of the bitch to leave you!

When you were begging her to stay!

Oh, you don’t beg anyone to do anything?

They should just come running back to you?

Well, of course, your such a great catch…

What, with all you do…

Now let me get you some food to eat..

Are you feeding your pride today?

Or let it starve a little bit..

While you resume your walk away?

I’ll get you another rag for you head..

You poor, poor, misunderstood man..

The ladies don’t understand what they have..

With your heart held in their hand..

Oh! You don’t give it out so readily!

So It’s easier to walk away!

Why then, wouldn’t that make you a liar?

Or it is your duty to betray?

Now you’re angry at me?

Because I know the truth in the long run?

You’re a sleazy, sullen, liar of a beast

Now drink that vermouth and poison.

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