Darkness & The Cow

Glowing deep within the earth,.. 
Many souls laid to rest.. 
Though tired of the struggle within 
They are suddenly put to a test. 
Thanatos restored peaceful death 
Amongst Zeus’ heady people.. 
Hades liked the body count 
Within his darkened steeple. 
This is what happens to one 
When Nyx and Erebus unite.. 
Night and darkness make a man 
That within him is a fight.. 
Daughters of the darkness reveal 
There is nothing good in light.. 
Taken battled with Hermes 
Will make you wish you were more polite. 
Zeus may be very powerful 
But when he is busy with a cow.. 
One needn’t take the time to cover 
Anything that happens now. 
Lo was a beautiful woman 
Tragically wanted by a King.. 
Turned into a cow like a trophy 
Because he only wanted one thing.. 
Thanatos took care of the lady 
Her soul now in the Earth. 
I wonder if Hades found her as attractive 
After she gave birth? 

*Written 6.24.12*

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