I sat thinking of you for a while Remembering our last conversation What you said, and if I had it all wrong. Maybe you were invested Most likely you were not. I had given the little of me I had left over It felt like you were not giving at all. I sit staring at... Continue Reading →

Poisonous Thunder

Gracious is the faithful one That bleeds nothing but the sin, Honor bound and ever so vigilant Until the lies begin. Crying tears of pride in a shout That entwined within its prey, All seems really good this time Until dignity comes out to play. He takes a step towards liberty But trips on failure... Continue Reading →


Like tasting fruit from a vine that isn't quite ready We sat waiting for something to tell us to stop But feelings poured out all over a page We both hoped nobody would read. In silence we tout of love everlasting Though we know the frowns all too well. A simple love between the two... Continue Reading →


We had rules Specifically designed for this! You take from here, then give there Don't ever, ever kiss! I come along rather unguarded Just to get a feel Innocence isn't my thing But I'm ready to make a deal. They laid the rules before me As I handed them my token "Rest assured all those... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Believe in That

The stench was nearly overwhelming But we had to carry on. Life decides to change your course And all your senses are gone. Found ourselves packed in righteousness Yet they thought we were fools. Playing stupid is fun sometimes When you need those people for tools. Stopped for a minute to marvel at something They... Continue Reading →

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