I Don’t Believe in That

The stench was nearly overwhelming
But we had to carry on. 
Life decides to change your course
And all your senses are gone. 
Found ourselves packed in righteousness
Yet they thought we were fools.
Playing stupid is fun sometimes
When you need those people for tools.
Stopped for a minute to marvel at something
They begged to carry on.
When we turned around after a while
The whole scenery was gone. 
One of us was a witch
Thought she'd use a hex.
I decided we'd get further
If we use a little sex. 
Smiled at the desperate one
He immediately thought he was in love
While throwing me down to take his prize
He swore I was from above.
With one now in our pocket
It seemed like we'd get free
If only I could convince this idiot
He'd someday have all of me. 
At night we made our escape from this
With the help of my new friend
Too bad he ended up with wounds
That would never, ever mend. 
Walking away from the torment
Was asked if he was too fat
"Weren't you in love with our rescuer?"
 I responded "Yea, I don't believe in that."

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