Like tasting fruit from a vine that isn't quite ready
We sat waiting for something to tell us to stop
But feelings poured out all over a page
We both hoped nobody would read. 
In silence we tout of love everlasting
Though we know the frowns all too well. 
A simple love between the two of us
Should be the only thing we need to know. 
Though waning, we know it is going to last
Through the tears and condescending voices.
We hold hands in parks and know the looks
Smiling, we try to evade. 
Though we could teach them each a lesson in love
We don't, because they wouldn't listen. 
Meeting family tested our resolve
Would we get approval from anywhere? 

Silence once took an evening
As I sat waiting for you to call. 
Was this the time you'd change your mind?
A fear crept into my life and stayed. 

Though we know we cannot change who we are
Or who we've chosen to love
We also understand our love 
In places is forbidden. 

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