Poisonous Thunder

Gracious is the faithful one
That bleeds nothing but the sin,
Honor bound and ever so vigilant
Until the lies begin. 

Crying tears of pride in a shout
That entwined within its prey,
All seems really good this time
Until dignity comes out to play.

He takes a step towards liberty
But trips on failure every time,
He doesn't count the cost o the fall
Unless it is more than a dime.

Sits in a chair with a frown
Wondering why life is so unfair,
He takes a drink of poisonous thunder
Then suddenly is gasping for air. 

She wonders why he never comes
While sitting and waiting at the pier,
What was he tripping over now?
Questions come in the form of a tear. 

Was it that he never wanted her?
Or maybe was just afraid,
Maybe the whole thing was a sham
And she was the one betrayed?

She decides her life is over
And takes a fatal leap,
While falling to her death
The world hears her weep.

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