Hair blows in my face as I manage a drink of coffee
Watching everyone walk by unimpressed and unencumbered.
Life stretches out before me in this town
Yet there is no direction or course that I can think of just now.

With a gentle nudge from the universe I put on my coat
Walk a little ways down the street until I am lost in thought.
Crazy always stirs my head when I haven't anything else,
Except the coffee I couldn't drink.

Denial tends to cover my shame
As my dress covers most of me. 
Though I am tempted at times to ride the waves of the River Tay
Until I can't feel anymore of my past. 

Walking seems to get me by today
As I sit back in my chair and wonder what tomorrow will bring.
When I wake there are bottles all around me
A minor setback, albeit it mild. 

Sun advances in the sky as I return to have more coffee
Sit watching seemingly the same people walk by me
Without a care in the world
Which is what I'm trying to pretend myself.

Someday this time will be my past
And Dundee will never remember me.
But I'll never forget the peace and serenity
The quiet bubble that was this time. 

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