Time wraps itself gently around my body
Reminding me we are alone, and shall remain so.
Dodging destiny like a kid that just stole a car
Merging endlessly with whatever fate has to do with it.

I adore the way he didn't apologize that night
For pouring his heart out on a table I didn't see
Until I realized he was speaking only to me
With nowhere to run or hide. 

Forcing truths past benevolent pride
I languish in the thought of being truly loved for a moment
Until I remember the thousands of lies before him
Then recoil and return to my safety. 

Another night he catches me off guard
With whispers of forever and eternity. 
Then I remember the hundreds that have turned their backs on me
Then return to the safety of my solitude. 

Phone calls reveal this one is persistent
Not hiding in the bushes like most
My inability to tell him I'm too afraid
Leaves him wondering if there may be a chance.

Breaking walls isn't for the weak
Fortitude is stronger than lust and fake love
Honor isn't found in most
Which is a requirement for the demolition. 

Today he asks me if I thought we would be together
Because he would really like to be. 
Thousands of visions run through my head of his words
When I whisper "someday."

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