The One I Miss

It isn't the angry boastful child 
That made up all the lies. 
Nor the man that was consumed by them
With his ego-boasting sighs.
It isn't the lustful woman that had them all
Hanging on a hook.
It isn't the one sitting in the basement
That honestly, is a crook.
Not the one that I thought so highly of
That lived overseas.
Or the one that I laughed with
And even got to tease. 

It's the one that I stayed up with
Listening to his story
The muted one that called me a bitch
In all his sudden glory.
The one that listened to the crook 
Talk of my bad deeds
Then took that information
And planted lots of seeds.

Now the crook has his wish
I've rid myself of the pain
Gotten rid of everything I could
Then waited for the rain. 
Sitting here I can only wish
Someday you remember
It wasn't me that burned you
With that ever aching ember.

Scenes play over in my head
Of every night we spent
Cannot recall a single time
That I can see where this all went.

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