Making Her Life Whole

Rocking back and forth in a chair She swore she wouldn't keep. Watching the fire roar around her All while he is asleep. Nothing moves her this time Life doesn't matter anymore Let the fire consume her Like it has done before. Ashes all around her Soot consumes her soul Now new growth can come... Continue Reading →

Soothing Way He Speaks

Every day I miss his voice The soothing way he speaks. Gentleness and grace comes out Though we haven't spoken in weeks. He is honest to a fault at times Never pulling any punches. He knows kindness is needed most in those That carry the most irrational hunches. Boasted to me one time of his... Continue Reading →


Someday I'll be forgiven Or a realization will come That I wasn't at all what was said No matter where it came from. Someday I won't be the villain In a story of utter shame Formidable in my alliances In a petty, vengeful game. Someday I'll learn my lesson About passing my trust around Though... Continue Reading →

Narcissistic Garbage

Received narcissistic garbage this morning, Sat and read it all. It wasn't enough I fed his ego Now he just wants to discuss his fall. Nothing of it was about me It was all literally about his feeling. Everything is obviously my fault Which always leaves me reeling. You'd think at his age he'd contemplate... Continue Reading →

Could Have

As I sit and type in infamy I remember all the deeds, One had a heady heart But never any needs. I could have been the one That made up the pack of lies Yet hardly was the season For the empty aching cries. Silence is my atmosphere In all its sudden glory A noise... Continue Reading →

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