Soothing Way He Speaks

Every day I miss his voice

The soothing way he speaks.

Gentleness and grace comes out

Though we haven’t spoken in weeks.

He is honest to a fault at times

Never pulling any punches.

He knows kindness is needed most in those

That carry the most irrational hunches.

Boasted to me one time of his love

I believed every single word.

Stood me up and pointed at a ring

Asked me which I preferred.

Tells me daily of my beauty

Reminds me of my worth.

Says I’m the greatest treasure

Found upon this earth.

I cherish every moment with him

Though it were our very last.

He makes me feel like he never

Even had a past.

Quiet begets harmony

Then we choose our path.

I never worry about loyalty

Or gathering his wrath.

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