Personal and Subjective

Lightning strikes a gentle chord Beating a rhythm I haven’t heard before. Did it come out anonymously? Or did you secretly want it more? Subtle whispers heard everywhere Though the distance seems to vary. Why not come wandering through hidden truths When the weight seems too much to carry? We said our truths within hidden... Continue Reading →

Some Flowers

A tasty conversation at night Draws me into the dark. Wander around due to wanderlust Yet missing a subtle spark. I would like to feel real again To gain some type of love. Trust just comes so hard at times Nobody fits like a glove. Met a guy late one morning He had so many... Continue Reading →


Silence taps my lips at night Requesting an audience is hard. Forcing hands to feel the pain Yet I didn't have the right card. We've shared many tears late at night I thought that we were friends. The problem with this scenario is.. You never know when it ends. I wonder if you ever worked... Continue Reading →

Snowfall in Summer

Plots of land before me for the very first time Looking across the green grass I noticed Life didn't fit into this subjective mess very well. The ground began shaking below me Loud thunder came from afar. I bet hear her crying in the hallway Wondering why you went astray. But why didn't you really... Continue Reading →

She’s Crazy

She's crazy like the wind That comes in from the north Slicing through your warmth Barely realizing what it has done. She's crazy like the one you left That warm August night Where you swore your love and devotion Yet kinda didn't feel it anymore. She's crazy like the lion Killing only for sport Just... Continue Reading →

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