Silence taps my lips at night
Requesting an audience is hard.
Forcing hands to feel the pain
Yet I didn't have the right card.
We've shared many tears late at night
I thought that we were friends.
The problem with this scenario is..
You never know when it ends.
I wonder if you ever worked it out 
With the sloth inside your home?
How do you represent the pain
When you have to endure the heartbreak alone?
Now I'm sure you've heard the story
Or many at this point.
I'm sure they tantalize the ears
And I'd hate to disappoint.
But nothing of it was true
I held firm to my belief.
One day you would realize
He was nothing but a thief. 
One made up the stories
Even provided screen shots
Our alleged friend passed them around
As if that tied all the knots. 
I never questioned my loyalty
But now I question yours.
Where were you sticking up for me
When they were screaming whores?
Where is your due diligence 
To find this faithful truth?
As benevolent as I thought you were
You certainly are no sleuth.
I'd like to take a doll one day
Ask you to point where I hurt you
Have you mix your version of stories
With an extra added truth. 
Maybe you're right and I am a bitch
But I have qualities you denounce.
When honestly I have traits within me
You couldn't even pronounce.

I'd like to speak to you again one day
But the last time you seemed so salty..
Maybe I'll just sit here with the truth
And my tasty cup of coffee.

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