Snowfall in Summer

Plots of land before me for the very first time
Looking across the green grass I noticed
Life didn't fit into this subjective mess very well. 
The ground began shaking below me
Loud thunder came from afar. 

I bet hear her crying in the hallway
Wondering why you went astray.
But why didn't you really leave?
When you had the chance to run away?

I bet you wonder every minute
If anyone has taken my heart.
The problem is that boys like you
Couldn't even imagine where to start. 

It was silent once again around me
While I walked across the grass
Blue dress waving in the unrelenting wind
Took me a moment to realize that I love serenity. 

Sometimes I love the rain
Yet sunshine is so fulfilling.
Hands across my waist would be nice
Yet I'm so terribly unwilling.

I'd love to say you are the one
Yet now we need a drummer.
You and I mix much like
Snowfall in summer.

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