Personal and Subjective

Lightning strikes a gentle chord 
Beating a rhythm I haven’t heard before. 
Did it come out anonymously?
Or did you secretly want it more?

Subtle whispers heard everywhere 
Though the distance seems to vary. 
Why not come wandering through hidden truths
When the weight seems too much to carry?

We said our truths within hidden meanings
Let the past slip away where it belongs.
I’ll never have the peace of closure
But I’ll never forget the songs. 

Some people are like a bird
Just waiting for the crash.
Simple as it may be to some
We shouldn’t treat one another like trash.

Formidable in alliances you never saw coming, or even knew of. 
Life took a little extra turn you weren’t anticipating at the time. 
The crux of the will of man is to share
But what he is sharing is most certainly personal and subjective. 

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