The Past

Barely touching on the rim of the glass

Lips open ready to take the drink

When suddenly my protector appears

Throws it all into the sink.

I’d like to say I’m past all that

But that would be a lie

It consumes my being in thoughts of pain

And I’m just too angry to cry.

Alcohol didn’t remove it

Neither did the rain

It’s inevitable I’ll sit here for days

Dealing with this pain.

Some days I just want to run away

But I’m everywhere I go.

I’d love to say yes to peace

But the past screams “NO!”

Counseling, talking it out…

Abuse, lies, and betrayal

A family life I couldn’t sort out

A dismal partial portrayal.

I ask the same question time after time

Nobody knows what to say –

How do you deal with the past

When it just won’t go away?

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