The Colors of Me

Blue, for all the times I felt nothing at all 
When everyone expected me to fight
But in my head, and in my heart
I knew it wasn't right. 
Red, for the times I put on armor
Grabbed my sword and prepared for battle.
Seemingly, unwittingly, I fought for something
That ended up being cattle. 
Black, like the color of life
Within a soul I could never touch
Yearning for a love to last ages
A dream, though not so much. 
Orange for the epitome
I felt inside my head. 
Honestly, accusingly, 
Never taken to bed. 
Yellow for the freedom
I've had most of my days.
A quiet battle that stirred within
Left me in this haze.
White for the purity
I never got to enjoy. 
The lack of every detail within
Ravaged by a boy. 
Green was the color of life
Taken by angry hands. 
Not enough to take the soul
They wanted all the lands. 
Blue, my favorite color
Like the storm within the sky.
Never one to take the gamble,
And nobody around
To ask why.

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