Dark Horse

What if I am the one Meant to melt the walls that forsake you? Clean the path of the future So you may walk unabated by the obstacles. What if In clearing my mind of the past terrors Meant you would never have any again? What if the ones that took us for granted Led... Continue Reading →

Relentless Pursuit

He caresses my soul like raindrops on a window Running down the very essence of my being. I never tell him though, I let it be what it is; My relentless pursuit of something tangible. Silence takes over when feelings are discussed Out of a respect for my own privacy. Nothing needs to be said... Continue Reading →


Found a rod of steel in the side of a tree Left just enough take. I took it to a necromancer But he didn't know what was at stake. There were rainbows all over the scene We danced after the rain. It didn't do much for our clothing But it sure took away the pain.... Continue Reading →


Painstakingly peeling back layers To reveal nothing within what was there. Watching birds fly around the corpse one night While the weaker of us could only stare. Finding I was a terrible mistake Not with you, but with her. A night filled with drunken desire Not a memory, just a blur. Nine more months of... Continue Reading →

Series of Events

The darkness within the storm That comes in the midst of terror You'll never know if the reflection is of you Or it all just a simple error. Criss cross applesauce I thought you settled the score? Presence taught us all the lesson Until you referred to the lady as a whore. Touching breasts in... Continue Reading →

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