I Am Not

I am not your hero darling
Never claimed to be. 
Within the ball of trust you hold
Does not contain me.
I am not the candle on your table
I'll never be your flame.
With dignity comes multitude of trust
And I just can't play that game. 
I am not the angel on your shoulder
Telling you to do no wrong.
I do it all the time, you see
And typically with a song.
I am not the mentor that you need at night
My god, we just met!
If you want a naked maiden though,
I'd like to take the bet.
I am not the answer to all your prayers
You don't even pray!
Has literally any of these ladies
Ever gotten you to stay?
I am not the place you hide from
I'd throw you out on the lawn.
I know if I said anything serious
You'd most certainly be gone.
I am not the serenity of the forest
Clairvoyance takes a stand.
Hidden within many words
Is a heady, hurtful hand.
But yea, you just get angry
Then do your best to ignore.
I'll just sneak right over here
And show myself the door.

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