I Wish

I wish I knew what toxic really meant
To keep her far from harm. 
I wish I knew the words that were spewed
Upon that dangerous farm.
I wish I could have kept her safe
From terrible words and deeds.
I wish I could have tended to her;
Taken care of all her needs. 
Now she sits in an office with a man
Talking about her past. 
The one I should have protected her from
I hope this is her last. 
I wish men would have stayed in her life
Like they just couldn't in mine.
My choices were her consequences
Yet I failed to see the sign.
I hope he can fix all the demons inside
That I failed to protect her from.
I hope she understands her worth someday
And peace will finally come.
I wish I had never moved here
Thinking this would be so great.
When I had my own demons to fight
This wasn't my daughters fate.
I wish I could take her pain away
By holding her tight.
I wish I could make all my decisions again
Make this terrible journey right.

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