There is a secret in my life
Hidden within the texts
It's a little more than a consequence
And almost like a mess. 
I visit it from time to time
Just remind myself I'm whole.
Somewhere in his heart I live
But love is not my goal. 
That isn't even my secret, 
He regrets the path I take.
Wanting a man yearning for me
When my heart isn't even at stake.
My secret is what I whisper to him
While he sleeps upon the night.
Yearning is for the weak I cry
Nah, that isn't even right. 
His goal is my freedom
Mine is his demise
You think he'll ever realize
I am not the prize?
My secret may be in my past
Yet I'm an open book
I realized he couldn't read
When he didn't even look.
There is a part that is funny
A chapter hidden in a verse
Took witchcraft to fix the moment
Then realized it was a curse.
My secret is in poetry
One line after the other
Weaving a tapestry of wordplay
That only rivals your mother.
My secret is an existence
That breathes heavily at night
Take a left at serendipity
And at the discovery, take a right.

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