Some Coffee

Sometimes I sit and think for a minute
Of how idiotic you were to believe a liar
Over someone that hadn't lied to you.
But then again, you did have so much evidence.. 

One group tried to hate me
Made videos to prove it. 
Another said they liked me
Yet during a tragedy wouldn't sit. 

Now I drink some coffee
Laughing about it all.
Wonder if you all rose
But would love to watch you fall.

Laugh with the friends that talk to me
Speaking about your strife.
Wouldn't it be funny as hell
If we weren't laughing at your life?

Silence is an enemy
Anger takes a fall
Friends become enemies
When we answer the wrong call.

Honestly, I've never made friends again
I'm really very shy.
I'd like to let you know
You believed the lie. 

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