Nature takes the atmosphere Then turns the lot around. I’d like to say he’s a moron But really he is a clown. Slowly he stands from his knees To take on the reserve. The witch takes the oracle And turns it into Earth. She follows with a deep sigh Because she knows the fate. Humans... Continue Reading →

To Not Love You

I would chase rainbows In the dark. Run from a storm, Hide in a park. I’d cry tears Until I died. Fall off a cliff, Until I flied. Walk over coals If it would help. Swim to Mars, To find kelp. Force my heart To hear my head. Find the truth, Within your bed. Grind... Continue Reading →


Forcing open a concrete door That had never been opened really. Closing on a deafening blow He gives out quite freely. Love attached to anchors Far too heavy to lift. He tries to pull it all away But isn't quite that swift. Dangling feelings from a string Hoping she grabs the bait. Wanting her to... Continue Reading →

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