Forcing open a concrete door
That had never been opened really.
Closing on a deafening blow
He gives out quite freely.

Love attached to anchors
Far too heavy to lift.
He tries to pull it all away
But isn't quite that swift.

Dangling feelings from a string
Hoping she grabs the bait.
Wanting her to just be still
Wanting her to wait.

Rain falls on an angry ground
That inhales it like smoke.
A tree grows in the dust that is left
And she hasn't even spoke!

Thunder clashes in her ears
Making noises in the dark.
She doesn't stay in the desert he wants
She moves along to a park.

Why would he play games with her
When she clearly did nothing wrong?
She'd like to run away from this
But isn't feeling all that strong.

One day she tries to let go of it
Disengage from the fray.
Leaving him behind in the dust
But it is hard to throw away.

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