Nature takes the atmosphere 
Then turns the lot around.
I’d like to say he’s a moron
But really he is a clown.

Slowly he stands from his knees
To take on the reserve.
The witch takes the oracle
And turns it into Earth.

She follows with a deep sigh
Because she knows the fate.
Humans will ruin what they can of it
Because they cannot wait.

First they will find religion
Then begin to fight over that.
Politics will take its course
Like a hungry, angry cat.

When those two things won’t kill enough
They will pit one color against another.
They won’t remember who started it
This war against our brother.

Disease will take their bodies
As they eat this horrible food.
We’ll make the bad stuff cheaper
Then they’ll all be screwed.

An entire planet fighting one another
Sickly, and dying.
Other than the rich ones
They will all be lying.

But if you really want this thing called Earth
Then I will certainly make it for you.
Now that I’ve told you what will happen
You can never say “I never knew.”

Humans are unethical
Just by nature alone.
Most don’t understand doing nothing
is saying they condone.

*Written 11.9.12*

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