Someone Should Love Her

Someone should taste the food she cooks
Yelling in the kitchen about most everything.
Someone should see the sparkle in her eye
When she talks about that ring.

Should have been there when she did 4H
So proud to win the titles.
Absent, as usual he was though
Because, for him, it wasn't vital.

You should hear what she says about you now
Giving her up for your selfish needs.
Too bad your girl sits here fatherless
While you play with someone else's seeds.

Someone should see the tears in her eyes
When she talks about being abandoned.
You should hear the words that spill from her mouth
Feeling as small as a piece of sand.

Someone should listen to the ache in her heart
From not ever feeling wanted.
She feels like she's left behind
Talking of being haunted.

A mother cannot take a fathers part
In life of a little girl.
She may be a diamond to her daughter,
But the father is most certainly a pearl.

Someone should love her like her mother
Though he acts like it would be a bother.
He should reach out and mend her soul
It's time he was a father.

Now every man that tries to love her
She thinks will walk away.
There's never even a second of hope
Any of them will stay.

You set the standard for her so low
Nobody has a chance.
Your inability to be a father
Created this circumstance.

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