I Knew It Was The End

I knew it wouldn't be forever
But I thought maybe we could last.
I forgot I had this terrible pain
Stemming from my past. 
Treasures we considered unbreakable
Now broken on the floor. 
I'm like the devil that walks right in
Instead of knocking at the door.
Scenes play over in my head
Dancing in whispers upon my face.
Nobody can hear the sounds I make
As I try desperately to escape.
I knew it was the end today
Thinking of the past.
Remembering the night you told me
I could kiss your ass. 

Silence tore the room apart
Seeking its redemption.
The spears meant for your bitter heart
Now sit silently in exemption.
Did you see the magic I created?
Forlorn isn't the solution.
I created the sin that brought you here
Then hung my hate on volution.
I knew it would end on day
I'm just too much to see
One day you want the thorns
The next day you want me.

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