Unanswered Dreams

Alone I drift across the endless seas of the madness of creation as I consume my eternity speaking in a voice distant and somehow familiar I am terrified of the emptiness but only because I know that the walls of my prison are without boundary and the more I create to consume the further should... Continue Reading →

Ashley Finical

I heard the footsteps coming and I knew this would be another long night And something inside me screamed this time it really isn't right The words he was saying were ruthless and cruel And each time he hit me I sat there and obeyed each and every rule I sat there blank faced and... Continue Reading →

I Don't Want To Know

I Don't Want To Know. If you don't yet follow the writing of Josephine Ranes, then you should. She is an excellent writer, and a beautiful person.

His name is Les Bush. I don't know why I didn't immediately think of him when I decided I wanted to do this in my blog, with the likes of the talented and wonderful Steven Hand, Singer Declan Sharma, and Jason Farnham. But I consider Les as family, so when I think of his talent,... Continue Reading →

I've known him for nearly 3 years now, and been a fan since I heard his first song. It isn't for everyone, but this type of music rarely is. I love all types of music, and his is one of my all time favorites. Understanding what he is saying, it is absolutely raw and haunted... Continue Reading →

Anyone that knows me knows I love music, I don't even care what kind it is, although I'm not a huge fan of jazz or blues. Da Vinci, with lead singer Declan Sharma, is what I would describe as honest, raw music, with an edge. Declan is a great singer, and you can tell he... Continue Reading →

Yes, this is another one of those pieces of candy I kept hidden away, hoping nobody would steal from me. I have to admit that I don't think there is a more beautiful sound than that of a piano. It is my favorite instrument, by far. So, when I got tickets to go see Jason... Continue Reading →

I don't do this enough on my blog, and I really should. I'll find something or someone that I think is spectacular, then I hide them away like some kid storing candy so nobody will steal it from me. Today, I've decided not to do that anymore. I was asked to tweet a friends blog,... Continue Reading →

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