Nature takes the atmosphere Then turns the lot around. I’d like to say he’s a moron But really he is a clown. Slowly he stands from his knees To take on the reserve. The witch takes the oracle And turns it into Earth. She follows with a deep sigh Because she knows the fate. Humans... Continue Reading →

To Not Love You

I would chase rainbows In the dark. Run from a storm, Hide in a park. I’d cry tears Until I died. Fall off a cliff, Until I flied. Walk over coals If it would help. Swim to Mars, To find kelp. Force my heart To hear my head. Find the truth, Within your bed. Grind... Continue Reading →


Forcing open a concrete door That had never been opened really. Closing on a deafening blow He gives out quite freely. Love attached to anchors Far too heavy to lift. He tries to pull it all away But isn't quite that swift. Dangling feelings from a string Hoping she grabs the bait. Wanting her to... Continue Reading →

A Lie

A rose sits in darkness Nobody sees its light. There was once a brilliant defender But he soon gave up the fight. The light that came in from the door Was all it ever saw. The rose knew the world was out there But it has this subtle flaw. A witness once told a story,... Continue Reading →

A Place to Die

Used to be looking for a place to make memories To raise children in a warm house full of love. Put up Christmas trees and take them down Knowing it is now behind us and we can move into Spring. Many years of making a comfortable home With many hours of cooking, baking, and preparing... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I Don’t Want To

Sometime I just don't want to write Because feelings come back that I want to forget And I've already lost that fight. Sometimes I just don't want to feel At the end of my rope, the ship has sailed And they forgot to give me my last meal. Sometimes I hate being me The indelible... Continue Reading →

Some Coffee

Sometimes I sit and think for a minute Of how idiotic you were to believe a liar Over someone that hadn't lied to you. But then again, you did have so much evidence.. Right? One group tried to hate me Made videos to prove it. Another said they liked me Yet during a tragedy wouldn't... Continue Reading →


An insignificant being A joke you made to friends. Lie you spoke in darkness A thousand unused pens. Dancing around to rain Singing songs you cannot hear. Lightening hitting a burning building Nobody had seen in over a year. Ears that never hear me Lips that never speak. Hands that never touch me It isn't... Continue Reading →


There is a secret in my life Hidden within the texts It's a little more than a consequence And almost like a mess. I visit it from time to time Just remind myself I'm whole. Somewhere in his heart I live But love is not my goal. That isn't even my secret, He regrets the... Continue Reading →

Stay Broken

We have decided to stay broken To sit where we are In the place where we are Not moving Not speaking Not taking questions at this time. We will drink until we forget who we are Then wake the next morning with no regret. Talk of our poor mental health As if there is nothing... Continue Reading →

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