Painstakingly peeling back layers To reveal nothing within what was there. Watching birds fly around the corpse one night While the weaker of us could only stare. Finding I was a terrible mistake Not with you, but with her. A night filled with drunken desire Not a memory, just a blur. Nine more months of... Continue Reading →

Series of Events

The darkness within the storm That comes in the midst of terror You'll never know if the reflection is of you Or it all just a simple error. Criss cross applesauce I thought you settled the score? Presence taught us all the lesson Until you referred to the lady as a whore. Touching breasts in... Continue Reading →

I Miss You

The one that chose the boar The pig, hyena, the swine. What comes before the end of the rush Is most certainly the wine. He's the one that took the name Then scattered it around. Sometimes we lose ourselves Because we never want to be found. Silence took my atmosphere Tears were my relief Sat... Continue Reading →

The Colors of Me

Blue, for all the times I felt nothing at all When everyone expected me to fight But in my head, and in my heart I knew it wasn't right. Red, for the times I put on armor Grabbed my sword and prepared for battle. Seemingly, unwittingly, I fought for something That ended up being cattle.... Continue Reading →

Version of Events

Tears on a dancefloor Not used anymore. Memories of an interlude She tries not to think about. Scenes play over like old movies Where nobody talks. We all have our version of events None of them match up To what occurred before Or after the last dance. My solemn story begins in mid stride Being... Continue Reading →

The Past

Barely touching on the rim of the glass Lips open ready to take the drink When suddenly my protector appears Throws it all into the sink. I'd like to say I'm past all that But that would be a lie It consumes my being in thoughts of pain And I'm just too angry to cry.... Continue Reading →

She’s Lonely

Do you ever wonder why a woman Would stand upon this ledge? Looking down at certain death Gives the lady an undeniable edge. Now as she sits upon the throne With nobody sitting beside.. She wonders if maybe she lost it all To her never ending pride? Now she's lonely like the cut you got... Continue Reading →

Between Breaths

Slowly he sings to me in praises I don't quite take in Then wander through a path I didn't ask for, or intend to go on. Always when he comes to me it is in just the right moment for both Yet understood I cannot communicate complete satisfaction with this. Maybe in another life I'll... Continue Reading →

Personal and Subjective

Lightning strikes a gentle chord Beating a rhythm I haven’t heard before. Did it come out anonymously? Or did you secretly want it more? Subtle whispers heard everywhere Though the distance seems to vary. Why not come wandering through hidden truths When the weight seems too much to carry? We said our truths within hidden... Continue Reading →

Some Flowers

A tasty conversation at night Draws me into the dark. Wander around due to wanderlust Yet missing a subtle spark. I would like to feel real again To gain some type of love. Trust just comes so hard at times Nobody fits like a glove. Met a guy late one morning He had so many... Continue Reading →

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