What Will You Use Her For?

She has the most amazing eyes you've ever seen They go from this crystal blue to emerald green. She has a laugh you will never forget You'll be so happy, you ever met. The intelligence of five grown men She'll work magic with paper and a pen. A body that you could get lost in... Continue Reading →

What She Became

A little girl so lost in the forest Screaming for help in vain Nobody came to her that day Everything touched her like rain. He exposed her to the torture She'll never forget tonight It'll be her never ending wound In this bitter and tormenting fight.   Later in life she became a witch Put... Continue Reading →

Time to Let Go

The rope is fraying; One you have held onto for years, That keeps you tied to the past Therefore regretting everything That happened to you from that point on. You fumble for it Claim there is nothing wrong with it When people point it out But you will die If you hang onto that rope... Continue Reading →

Want me

When I hear your voice I wish you wanted me. Like the cowboy wants to hold on For the entire eight seconds. Like the farmer wants the rain As he stands out in the field Watching his crop fade away Into dust. Like the starving child Wants someone To hand them some food. Like the... Continue Reading →

I Let Her Die

When he said To let it go I knew it was time I've been too slow.   Little blue eyes With very short brown hair When I closed my eyes I saw her standing there.   All alone So afraid Guilty as hell Of all the sins someone else made.   I let her die... Continue Reading →

I Felt You

I felt your nudge this morning As I was dressing Prompting me along Whispering "There are things I need you to hear."   I felt your touch When I closed my eyes Listened to the music The beautiful music That pounded the room.   I felt your hand on my shoulder As I had to... Continue Reading →

Black Magic

We are the women And men Of the night. Carrying potions with us Telling you "This one will undoubtedly cure you." It is your choice to trust that Or not.   Two children playing innocently When the boy finds an herb Raises his eyebrow at her "Let's try this" They both run off laughing.  ... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Wife

She did everything exceptionally well As well as completely by the book. She darned his socks Gracious to his mother Screwed him blind every night Cooked excellent meals Cleaned up after him Worked all day long. So when the hammer fell Crashing her world completely apart She was left wondering What the hell she did... Continue Reading →


He said "I've never beat her" But he lies He knows no truth. She's a woman that walked a path Most of us try to avoid. Then she listened to his lies His excuses All the pathetic excuses For his abuse. One day she will turn the tables He will be on the wrong end... Continue Reading →

Tonight She Will Get Drunk

There will be 364 nights of this year She can be your queen Answer all your questions Coherently. Tonight will not be one of those nights Tonight, she will get drunk.   Forces blow in from the West Ones she was never able to tame She'd say she had forgotten the score But she didn't... Continue Reading →

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