Force Me

They stripped an identity from a child Took away her genealogy Told her to love these other people That she was no longer part of that other family. They hate what she loves Love what she hates Then forces her to participate In everything They enjoy. They strip her name from her Altering documents As... Continue Reading →

You Can Stop Punching Me

The jokes you make About family reunions That you know I cannot attend Because birth Nor the terrible cost of fate Made a family for me.   The sister you let come over The one I remember abusing me The one that cost me My childhood. Manipulated all her children To hate me For no... Continue Reading →

Can You Paint Me A Picture?

We don't know one another very well But can you do me a favor? Can you paint me a picture Of a wonderful family With a woman that took the time To have, and raise me? Can you make them smiling Because they have nothing but joy in their lives? Standing together Like nothing could... Continue Reading →

When You Said

Hearing through such young ears That nobody wanted me Nobody loved me I was unwanted. Then hearing as a young adult How lucky I was How grateful I should be How still nobody would want me How nobody would love me. Then as an adult Hearing how ungrateful I am For people that gave up... Continue Reading →

I Wonder If She

I wonder if she kissed my newborn cheek As she handed me to a stranger? Did she sit and warn me of life And all its hidden danger? Did she think of me the day I took my very first step? Did she wonder how I was that day I got my very first case... Continue Reading →

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