Little Blue Eyes

A child is born in sin Regret takes her places Both parties Just want her "away" From them.   Seemingly undeniable The truth lingers within the lie. There is no judge or jury for this Just an inability to cry.   Tender hands reaching out Trying to find love Where there is none.   Running... Continue Reading →


I could stand in the midst of a hurricane Wishing for nothing Wanting nothing. Summon a tornado To wash over me Cover me in darkness And chaos.   Life has meaning When you pay attention To not only the sun But the darkness.   Aided and abated With the frailty of the old. Afraid of... Continue Reading →

Afraid of the Dark

Angels surround a beautiful soul Carrying the weight of a hundred Traitors in her past. Simple tears stream down the face Of a statue losing its soul To the decay of the toll that life takes. A small child breaks at the very second He stops believing in justice As his mother is taken from... Continue Reading →

Afraid of the Dark?

Silly person Why would I ever be afraid of the dark When everything bad That has ever happened to me Has happened in broad daylight, Typically with other people watching And doing nothing? Would it not make more sense For me to be afraid Of people? Or doing nothing?

There I Am

There is a little piece of him In every person In every single good thing That ever happens to me. Giving up on humanity comes at a cost A very high one.   I loved every idea of marriage A man, giving you his name Loving you to the end Then I realized Maybe I... Continue Reading →

A Child Standing In A Light

I feel like a child Standing in a light Everything so exposed And me So un-witty So unnerved That I don't even know How to respond.   Sometimes we are the broken Sometimes we are the lost But honestly, we are the strong Just at a very high cost. We get the justice from our... Continue Reading →

Their Version of Reality

I completely ruined Their version of reality With the truth.   Firstly, she was a product Of what was a momentary lapse She twisted version of events in her mind Until her lies and truth collapse.   Nobody believed her stories Everyone just rolled their eyes They knew if she was speaking It was probably... Continue Reading →

I'm scared like a child That is afraid of the night. I'm running like crazy From something called fright. I'm frightened of my demons When they come out to play. Like tonight while I'm resting And almost all day today. I'm afraid of your words Are they right or are they wrong? When I get... Continue Reading →

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