But Just Let Me Jump In This Lake

I've never swam with the piranhas that you have Or watched life end in the blink of an eye. Not told my husband is leaving after a 22 year marriage With no explanation or "why?" I've never went a night without eating Or had the misfortune of someone taking my things. Never lost a hand... Continue Reading →

Finally Found Peace

When the last picture is deleted from my phone Nobody ever mentions your name, followed by "I'm sorry." The last email comes with your name on it Nobody asks what happened The last post about you is deleted from Facebook Every card and gift is thrown in the trash When nothing of you exists in... Continue Reading →

She Was

In a moment of complete clarity The thoughts began entering his head That she was the one Meant for him. He was told At the very last moment of his life This one woman From 30 years ago Was the answer To every question he ever asked. The dream He wished would come true. The... Continue Reading →

There Are No Others

You can't kill words No matter how much you hate them. You can stop a beating heart Emotionally devastate a family Ruin every form of peace This world requires But you will never silence love. You cannot carry a Qur'an Spouting words of love and mercy Then kill someone Because it isn't the way. Your... Continue Reading →

She Would Speak

She would speak of being an angel But she isn't,  so she can't. She'd say everything is a possibility But you really don't want to hear her rant. A mystery to most people A survivor to the rest Life was her ultimate reward But it hasn't been her best.

Happiness Is

When he makes Everything you went through Up to the moment you met him Worth every bit of it. When he stirs things inside you You didn't even know Were there. The moment you realize He's the answer To a question You never asked.

Alliances II

A good friend and I were talking about our 'old poetry' today, so I want to do something a bit different tonight. This poem was originally written by me on 10/7/2012. I changed it up a bit, added some things, and took some things away. I hope you enjoy it. There is a woman out... Continue Reading →

You Will Remember This

A soft tear that rolls Down her angry and hurt face You know the girl Or at least remember her vaguely Not quite as 'the one that got away' More like 'the one you tricked away'   Bread sits in a basket A bountiful feast on the table; It is a quandary of sorts really... Continue Reading →

What You Require

Pangs of what was barely left of me Reaching for a sword I swore was left Yet no weapon was there. Stranded on a bed of nails Sat on the shore for hours Whispering everything he ever said to me In every language I knew Even Hebrew. I closed my eyes for a moment Remembered... Continue Reading →

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