Unanswered Dreams

Alone I drift across the endless seas of the madness of creation as I consume my eternity speaking in a voice distant and somehow familiar I am terrified of the emptiness but only because I know that the walls of my prison are without boundary and the more I create to consume the further should... Continue Reading →

Didn’t Want Me That Way

Yearning for you to be the difference Between what I wanted And what I thought I deserved. Begging all the gods to be generous to me Maybe just this once For a change. I've wandered aimlessly through shields Not wanting to disturb the carrier For fear of the repercussion. Solace was lonely at times Which... Continue Reading →

His Voice

Kept in high regard for the morality Of the entire situation we had at hand; Having left all of it at the doorstep Of a house that we will curse with our sin tonight. There is no scurrying around like mice We stand tall in our defiance of our lie. Placing sheets down to make... Continue Reading →

Torn Piece of Paper

There is a torn piece of paper on the ground You can hardly make out the writing on it. Meaningful once to someone Now means nothing to anyone. Blowing with the wind Going everywhere Yet nowhere All at once. There is no gratitude for this No feeling of what it represented At all. One day... Continue Reading →

Letting Go (the Rope)

Forces take me far away I don't know how to deal. There are many here that count the cost without the benefit of it being real. When I look around the empty room left alone again by trust. Wonder if he ever cared for me or if he was just here for the lust. Now... Continue Reading →


So hard to hear what Is never spoken Though the words seem to fly. We hinder what we know isn't right With gestures only we understand. Clearly there is an attraction Yet nobody will speak the truth. May not be available right now But maybe you'll wait. Stunning is the way it feels Wrapped so... Continue Reading →


Silence brings me to an empty room Dusy and full of noise. Green dress and blue shoes Beautiful wooden toys. Photos still hang on the wall From a past I barely remember. Would be wandering more around the room But right now it is December. Swirling in an tomb I've made Where my life can... Continue Reading →

Sins Of The Past

The benevolent brought you into life Enemies took it away. Sins of the past remind you tonight You've nothing to look forward to today. Tears brought upon a rock Same one used to smash. We grabbed all we could of redemption But it left us short of cash. Nobody taught the lion to roar Or... Continue Reading →

Until Now

Finding the finish in the last remark Left vicious attacks gone awry Settled in the piece of life Nobody understood why. She left lies in the dust that flew Angrily to the stars He left nothing for her to grasp Just ugly, nasty scars. Forcing truths past benevolent lies Left words unsaid at last He'd... Continue Reading →

It Won’t Come Out Today

I stomped my foot, it hit the ground Absolutely didn't want to play. I have a rational side to me... But it won't come out today.   Rolled my eyes at the compliment He really meant to say.. I have a delicate side to me... But it won't come out today.   Moved my chair... Continue Reading →

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