Do You Wander With Angels?

Transfixed by that which is clairvoyant, Leaning glass against the wall. We search endlessly for that first kiss But then we want them all. Fought endlessly for truth Justice paid the price. I'd tell you it all got better But I'm really not that nice. Trees obscure a view for me I was left alone... Continue Reading →

There Are Angels

Clutching a beating heart Within the hands that brought them fate She reveals her wings to him in darkness Though honestly, we have no halo. What could bring you your greatest love Can crush you into hardly anything Without notice or apprehension.   Our greatest tool we have in life Is our honor, and our... Continue Reading →

He Wants an Angel

Searching for a halo Can you buy that sort of thing? Maybe a twig would suffice Or just a golden ring? I think he wants one kept Though naughty in a way One that he could get to come Then simply always stay. He's too serious of a man Just to want some fun He... Continue Reading →

She Would Speak

She would speak of being an angel But she isn't,  so she can't. She'd say everything is a possibility But you really don't want to hear her rant. A mystery to most people A survivor to the rest Life was her ultimate reward But it hasn't been her best.


He didn't believe my story Of a woman born half wild She decided long ago to give up So she reverted back to a child.   Scores have tried to tame her To no avail all times. Though many of them have written Some very delicious rhymes.   Within her is a beast A treat... Continue Reading →

Dear God

I know we haven't been very close But I have another request This time if you could do it That would be great. The last time I spoke to you I asked you to make him mine Now he's walked away from me I suppose it wasn't very specific. If you could just grant These... Continue Reading →


Solitude is complex Yet simple, really. Like a drop of dew On a piece of grass That if you touch it Is no longer there. I have an angel That whispers to me But I hear him constantly. It is as if it were the wind And every time it blew You could feel it.... Continue Reading →

The Fallen

A lady dressed only in white Arms outstretched Walking away from my past As if I were to do the same Yet she was leaving me Because I ruined too much. Sometimes I know I hold on too tight That my truth is mine, all the way to my core. She has given up on... Continue Reading →

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