In A Crowd

Standing alone in a crowd Begging forgiveness from those Whose life means nothing To the one standing at the gallows. Unrelenting details of life That death wouldn't keep track of. Unsteady on her feet She begs to stop everything; But nothing stops.   The burning ache within Holds itself accountable For all she lost Nothing she... Continue Reading →


Heavy breathing Hungry hearts Which one do you feed? Wanton lust Fondling appetite How many ladies do you need? Battle scars Taken items How do you settle this score? Angry heart Beating randomly Could you do with another whore? Empty cries Wanting love Now she holds a gun. Hidden danger Excitement works What are you... Continue Reading →

My Guardian

You gave me light I refused it and sat in darkness. You gave me hope I joked about it, and walked away. You gave me dignity As I stood in a room lying about each of them. You gave me honor I used it as a gift of disorder.   Shallow is a light in... Continue Reading →

I Think She Got A Little Upset

Before you even said a word In a moment of bitter haste She said the words she knew would hurt It would be her wrath you would taste. I think she got a little upset Started a great big war Then in a moment of clarity Didn't remember what for. I think you made her... Continue Reading →

Under the Cover of Darkness

We fade into a sunset Then darkness fills the air I breathe in a nice deep breath Can feel you everywhere. Smiles lead us to an aftermath We aren't quite sure we're ready for. But this time I can do as I please And honestly, what is the score? Children play in the middle of... Continue Reading →

Would You Forgive Her

What if she got angry Didn't know how or when To talk to you? She did some things Some silly things In the whole scope Of life And love? Would you forgive her?

What I Should Have Said

Reading over some old lines So many things left unsaid. When I told you that you should walk away I failed to mention I'd rather be dead. When I told you not to come to me I was really just angry that day. Today I regret the words Wish like hell I would have told... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stir Her Mad

It was a delicious invite! Here, sit down and write! You can get it all out with your pen! If you don't get it out Then we can erase it and you can write it again! Anger is no fool You can use as a tool To fend off your subjective attackers today You can... Continue Reading →

What She Became

A little girl so lost in the forest Screaming for help in vain Nobody came to her that day Everything touched her like rain. He exposed her to the torture She'll never forget tonight It'll be her never ending wound In this bitter and tormenting fight.   Later in life she became a witch Put... Continue Reading →

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