I Just Want To Sit

I want to sit down with someone That wants to hear me talk. Speak to someone That would love to take a walk. I'd like to sit in my own skin Without feeling like I'm fat. Wandering aimlessly for a little while Wondering where I'm at. I would really to like to be around people... Continue Reading →


Life sent me a bit off course Then strangers took the rest. What didn't make me wince in pain Put me to the test. Silence caught my core one time Left me hanging in the dark. I'd like to say it started with friends But the answer is much more stark. I ripped my soul... Continue Reading →

The Park

A moment that would live in infamy; The two of us sitting in the park. I was dreaming of a life I desperately wanted to have Because I had forgotten about my mark. I begged you to understand Kept asking "can we?" The little girl deep inside of me Desperately wanted a family. Asking, begging,... Continue Reading →


A feather plucked from the tree of hope Left me wondering about the past. Do I live within the circumstances Or forgive them at last? I put the feather in my picket Took a very long walk. Never said a word to anyone, I didn't want to talk. Sometimes I want to be invisible Just... Continue Reading →


She's the best version of me The smile, the laugh, the anger. I told her a million times I love her Though I doubt she will ever understand how much. A spot on her eye tells the story Of a woman that will see all things In all people Feel all things For all people... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Ourselves

We broke ourselves into pieces Strewn out all over the floor So nobody Not a single soul Could have all of us. We cried tears That filled lakes Emptied our souls of every Hurt We ever felt On everyone. We ache sometimes A pitiful ache that nobody Could possibly understand The one that hurts So... Continue Reading →

I Knew It Was The End

I knew it wouldn't be forever But I thought maybe we could last. I forgot I had this terrible pain Stemming from my past. Treasures we considered unbreakable Now broken on the floor. I'm like the devil that walks right in Instead of knocking at the door. Scenes play over in my head Dancing in... Continue Reading →

Someone Should Love Her

Someone should taste the food she cooks Yelling in the kitchen about most everything. Someone should see the sparkle in her eye When she talks about that ring. Should have been there when she did 4H So proud to win the titles. Absent, as usual he was though Because, for him, it wasn't vital. You... Continue Reading →


Forcing open a concrete door That had never been opened really. Closing on a deafening blow He gives out quite freely. Love attached to anchors Far too heavy to lift. He tries to pull it all away But isn't quite that swift. Dangling feelings from a string Hoping she grabs the bait. Wanting her to... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I Don’t Want To

Sometime I just don't want to write Because feelings come back that I want to forget And I've already lost that fight. Sometimes I just don't want to feel At the end of my rope, the ship has sailed And they forgot to give me my last meal. Sometimes I hate being me The indelible... Continue Reading →

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