A Beautiful Beginning

It's a beautiful beginning When she tries to steal your heart. The problem with the entire thing Is she'll rip it completely apart. Her smile will calm your storms Her sex will give you peace. A moment of clarity will give you vision But the pain will never cease. You'll find pieces of her in... Continue Reading →


The way you stir your straw in your drink When you get tired of staring at me And don't know what to say. When you raise your eyebrow When I'm being sarcastic Because you get it And me. The way your brown eyes dance When you laugh. The quiver of your lips When I look... Continue Reading →

The Ugly Side of Beautiful

Maybe I don't know what side to be on The rose wasn't for me this time I was gone. Maybe the signs you left are wrong You didn't really mean to sing me that song? Maybe the life we need to sort out Began with a map with an alternative route. Maybe the side of... Continue Reading →

Not Broken Anymore

I pushed past the point of healing To the point of believing in myself again Trusting myself Knowing that I can do right Am intelligent Beautiful Everything I had hoped to be.   When he came to me Hands open I whispered to him "I'm not broken anymore"


The sun rose over the mountains The grass had tender dew Her feet touched the earth Everything was beautiful. A friend came over to say hello They sat and had coffee Talked and laughed about their past It was beautiful. He came over to take her out They planned lunch together Then a nice walk... Continue Reading →

Year Eight

The eighth time I stand alone Ringing in a new year With nobody to kiss Nobody to whisper to me What a beautiful New year This will be.


You can have cake With any kind of frosting you want. A painting That completely lights up your room. A ring With every stone in it you love. A phone That rings only when you want it to. There so many things you can have in this world Some brilliant and beautiful Some only temporary... Continue Reading →

The Storm Within Her

I couldn't find anyone suitable To raise you With your wild spirit Unfettered imagination And propensity to find justice In unreasonable circumstances. So I gave you a nurse to hold you Upon birth To tell you what beautiful eyes you have How unlucky you were to be born by her And my apology for not... Continue Reading →

Fix Me

It was once beautiful; This forgotten treasure That now lays buried In a heap of trash Nobody seems to notice anymore. Then someone comes along Realizing what a beautiful treasure this is How with a few repairs And some care It could be magnificent. Everything created Everyone imaginable Is this treasure It simply takes the... Continue Reading →

My Best Friend

        He had polio, or maybe scarlet fever Sat in a river to find some sense of  balance In a life he couldn't understand nor contain. Beauty is an illusion Brought to us by the fallacy That something looking pleasant Would most probably be pleasant.   This cannot possibly be the case... Continue Reading →

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