A Little Touch of Madness

I have A little touch of madness With an empty cup of trust. Some aching need I never divulge Even to those I pretend to trust. Enough sanity to make you wonder And beauty to make it fade. A wonderful sense of freedom Just too bad you won't get laid. I have A maniacal sense... Continue Reading →

I Wonder

He told me to stand facing myself The look I shot him rang viciously through the air; I watched it bounce around Then land on the ground. This is a place Where one can wish for silence Then wait for it for ages.   The mirror reflected my insecurities; I never realized how terrible I... Continue Reading →

What I Believe

I believe there are more colors to a rainbow That what we can truly see. I believe there is more passion found in hidden places Deep inside of me. I believe wars are fought every day Only the evil survives. I believe that sometimes when I meet someone We've met in other lives. I believe... Continue Reading →

The City of Saba

Fire rises from the land But you know why? It is he The one That rules the sky. Words not meant To set any presidence A guideline Of hope To treasure For life. A wanton belief Where some have none Not bearing false idols Or doing harm Even to one.

The Air Around Them

You cannot count the seconds Between the time she enters the room And the time he smiles. You cannot recreate the feeling Of when she is looking right at him Having a conversation He tries so hard to concentrate on. The air around them is palpable You can tell they are just meant to be... Continue Reading →


I hear a breath in the distance I've heard it thrice before Crying and endless chatter Didn't end the lore. Forbearance is the hardest decree When we didn't settle the score. We cleared the battlefield of the dead But we didn't see the whore. He is the man that begun the battle We call him... Continue Reading →

Sewers Pin

The lethargy in my left arm Doesn't match the one in my right He wants the ultimate decision from me But it isn't happening tonight.   Every amount of me is spent Yet he always wants to know when I could fit every ounce of belief in him On the end of a sewers pin.... Continue Reading →

The Remnants of What You Believe

I almost hyperventilated when talking to a friend today, about what I did to you. I thought of everything your friends and family are probably saying about me, and about us. I thought of words coming out of your mouth, that you probably believe, but know are not true.  I could hear you calling me... Continue Reading →

Like an innocent child You promise to love all their lives. The innocence you take from a woman When you tell her you cherish her And she believes you. He told me he would come to me Rescue me Save me from my life of the damned. Reward me for years I slaved away Alone.... Continue Reading →

The world says we are strangers But I’m really not so sure. The example left by my ancestors Left us feeling a bit insecure. A cross hung up on a grave I kneel upon the land. I’ve taken nothing that wasn’t given Yet everyone holds out their hand. I’ve left pieces of myself in places... Continue Reading →

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