In My Heart

Where is the courage when you need it While the wolves are at the door And the vultures are circling? Time moves no slower Or faster Than required by the present situation. Footprints we leave in the sand Wash away with the tide But the ones imprinted on our souls Never wash away. When you... Continue Reading →

Where I Belong

It wasn't amongst the trees They gave me temporary solice But they didn't replace conversation. Not in the water No matter how deep I went Something made me struggle to the surface I found no solace in being immersed. Not in a house That was empty And cold. Where I belong Is a place I... Continue Reading →


Years and years ago; Before you even thought of it Doors were slammed shut So hard, They could be heard For miles. Walls were reinforced Then reinforced again Just to be sure.   She looks like any other girl But when it comes to matters of the heart Or anything that requires attention On her... Continue Reading →

Until I Get Home

I'll wander around aimlessly Forge myself shamelessly Seemingly unaware of all the cost. I'll live within this charade of pain My resentment will not wane I'm the only one that pays for that. I'll sit right here and write a bit Using some of my creative wit Hoping someone gets something from it all. I'll... Continue Reading →

Just Not Yours

I do want to belong To someone. I want his eyes to light up When he speaks of me. I want him to touch me All over my body And claim it is all his.   I want to hear him exclaim To everyone that will listen That I am his And his alone.  ... Continue Reading →

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