Passion of Betrayal

When our hands touched The universe took its sweet time Letting me know Nothing Would be alright again. When your lips touched mine Oh wait That never happened. There is a passion in betrayal Nobody understands Until the moment they realize Someone they love Has done something so terrible to them That the damage Is... Continue Reading →


Fallen from the grace of betrayal Left for dead on the side of dishonor. Lies filtered in sieves of anger Ripped from the tongues of those we once trusted We were honorable people Then we slipped.

I Hid Them

Between the places I went And those I refused. People so fed up from life It nearly made them feel used. A cross hangs on a wall Nobody looks at anymore. We started the fight in our hearts But nobody will win this war. I hid them in places nobody sees Because they are too... Continue Reading →


So in love, was he That where he was, What he was doing Meant nothing. Every day, he would write Every day, she would wait Thinking she finally found the love She so richly deserved.   Then he pulled the rug out Told her they would not be together He didn't know how He couldn't... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Own That Kind of Power

He sits back in his chair Taking in a long, deep breath Thinking he has finally gotten to her Because this write is most certainly about him. It declares a heartbreak! Then remembering someone from the past She is certain would never have hurt her.   But it isn't about him; It is just a... Continue Reading →

What Will You Use Her For?

She has the most amazing eyes you've ever seen They go from this crystal blue to emerald green. She has a laugh you will never forget You'll be so happy, you ever met. The intelligence of five grown men She'll work magic with paper and a pen. A body that you could get lost in... Continue Reading →

We Lived

You cannot find beauty in darkness Cannot find peace in a storm You will not care about love When it truly refuses to take form. You will be unable to count the moments You've lost to yesterday. Nor can you make up for the times you've worked When you've really wanted to play. Won't have... Continue Reading →

Mutually Exclusive

Traipsing through a castle It is empty and void of character Would require years of work Tons of money Just to make it appealing to most. I find it rather enchanting A broken down waste of a building Everyone ignores Until it starts on fire Or they find it inconvenient. Up the stairs I find... Continue Reading →

What She Became

A little girl so lost in the forest Screaming for help in vain Nobody came to her that day Everything touched her like rain. He exposed her to the torture She'll never forget tonight It'll be her never ending wound In this bitter and tormenting fight.   Later in life she became a witch Put... Continue Reading →

The Hard Part

Pulling the knife out You stare at it for a minute Wondering how long it had been there? You try to think back To when it could have happened But have the terrible feeling It may have simply occurred over time. Very few people have the guts To stab it into you all at once... Continue Reading →

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