Maybe We Should

Darkness rapes the atmosphere Never asking for redemption. Alcohol turns hate to love In a moment of appreciation. Fueled by irresistible chemistry Nobody can explain. Words spewed in darkness Hopefully not in vain. Morning brings the weak to rise With coffee and headache we sit. The next time we spew words like that Maybe we... Continue Reading →

Let Go

Holding hands in darkness When everything came off. Kissing the parts of us exposed Until we can't take it anymore. Everything will happen All at once Until the time You let go.

Except In The Rain

He tells tales interwoven with lies He's kept in his head for years If you call him on any of it It reduces the man to tears. A gloomy day he met his match In a battle of wits and charmed regale It wasn't the noblest thing to do Especially when one would fail. He... Continue Reading →

I began using WordPress August 20th of this year, and really have it enjoyed it much more than the other one I was using. (Blogger) I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate all the supportive words and views I've had in the 2 short months I've been here,... Continue Reading →

The world says we are strangers But I’m really not so sure. The example left by my ancestors Left us feeling a bit insecure. A cross hung up on a grave I kneel upon the land. I’ve taken nothing that wasn’t given Yet everyone holds out their hand. I’ve left pieces of myself in places... Continue Reading →

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