She Was

In a moment of complete clarity The thoughts began entering his head That she was the one Meant for him. He was told At the very last moment of his life This one woman From 30 years ago Was the answer To every question he ever asked. The dream He wished would come true. The... Continue Reading →

Except In The Rain

He tells tales interwoven with lies He's kept in his head for years If you call him on any of it It reduces the man to tears. A gloomy day he met his match In a battle of wits and charmed regale It wasn't the noblest thing to do Especially when one would fail. He... Continue Reading →

Within The Depths

The most beautiful brown you've seen They say so many things Like he is passionate, Honorable, Trustworthy, Loyal, Kind. Yet Stressed, Hurt, Angry. Has seen more than most of us Forgiven more than most Overlooked nothing And seen everything. Within the depths of his eyes Are his strength. They are like water; A reflection Of... Continue Reading →


Figures dance in a room A white room with no doors Only widows to peer out of. Nobody ever looks out the windows There is nobody else in the room Only me - I am lost. Closed up in a shell is a pearl Began as a piece of sand Caused much discomfort at first.... Continue Reading →

Broken To Pieces

They say things happen over time, and I clearly don't know who "they" are. Sometimes things happen in an instant, that can completely tear your world apart. There is a moment in my life, I wish I could turn back the clock To just a few seconds before it occurred, so I could avoid it,... Continue Reading →

Ignorant Anger

When you whisper into the darkness Can you feel the stillness of the air? What if you worked for it all But when you got home nothing was there? Entities talk to the sane But never to the rich. I began digging a mote for my home But it looks more like a poorly dug... Continue Reading →

Passion vs. Temptation

She is the one you lie with every night The phone call you get where you drop your phone In anticipation of what she could want with you. I am the one you forget about The lie you keep nestled secretly under your breath. She is a seed you planted So you could watch something... Continue Reading →


Waves of heat rising from the sand dunes Sweat running down your face Muscles in your body contract Begging for hydration Would you like a drink of water? Bodies entwined for hours Repeating the same act over and over With only lust filled gasps to take up the airwaves I wonder if they are thirsty?... Continue Reading →

You Can Have Anything

You can have a rainbow In a park On a Sunday afternoon Just after You felt like All your sins were forgiven. You can make a fortune Selling goods To people That either don't need it Or really cannot afford it But you can have the fortune. You can have chocolate cake For your birthday... Continue Reading →

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