From A Distance

Silence rips the atmosphere They said we aren't really here But all the forms of life seem to disagree. The afternoon is very still But then we all get a chill As something has forgotten that it is Spring. The dust has been settled for a very long time There is no recollection of the... Continue Reading →

Sapphire Whispers

Alone in the darkness conspires Reaching for an endless supply of meaning That some seem to be completely out of. Hung in galleries nobody visits anymore Hidden in recess of minds nobody cares to address We are all at a loss of how to get back to it now. `Fully cognizant and acutely indifferent of... Continue Reading →

What If She Is

You can no longer predict her future Or tell her to forget her past. What if this one little thing that you did Was what she remembered last?   What if she is One second away from disaster One lie away from forgetting you A single moment from ripping it all apart Running just get... Continue Reading →

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